About Linda


Who I Am

I am a yoga and meditation practitioner, and a seeker of wisdom and enlightenment. 


I love human beings
... in all their glorious diversity! 

I am a nature lover
... beaches, rivers, oceans, mountains, sky and clouds make me happy.

Beauty and joy are important to me
... I bring them to my life through gardening, cooking and eating, reading, hiking, traveling, and enjoying art, architecture, music and film.

Linda Alley Sarnack | Yoga Teacher

I bring all of these elements of myself into my therapeutic work and my classes, to inspire and educate. 

I assist you in learning self-care practices so you can access your natural healing potential and be inspired to live with ease, vitality, and freedom. Through the work we do together, you will gain new perspectives and develop new habits that will lead you to more balance, openness, and courage in your life. 


I offer support and empowerment to help you confidently welcome transformative change. 


My Training


I am a Certified Yoga Therapist

As an experienced practitioner of Yoga and Insight Meditation, I have more than 25 years of practice and study, and more than 14 years of teaching.

  • I hold a BS in Mathematics from University of Arizona, and an MA in Mathematics Education.
  • Since completing my initial yoga teaching certification in 2004 I have logged more than 1,000 hours of additional yoga teacher training.
  • I graduated from Spirit Rock's Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training in 2007 and earned Spirit Rock's Community Dharma Leader certification in 2012. 
  • Over the years I have co-led retreats and daylong workshops combining mindfulness, lovingkindness and yoga, and have offered weekly classes in Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation.
  • I have taught yoga in public high schools since 2006, and over this time have introduced more than 1,200 teens to the practices of yoga and meditation. 
  • As part of my work in public education, I developed a year-long curriculum that combines posture practice with the study of basic human anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy, the subtle body, basic Ayurvedic principles, and mindfulness. Personally, this has been one of the most life enhancing experiences I have ever had! 
  •  I also offer specialized class series on Yoga Therapy for Anxiety. 

My deep love of practice inspires me to continue my studies and to regularly undertake periods of deep, silent retreat—guided by the intention to awaken wisdom and compassion in myself and others.


In today’s world, it is difficult to deal with so much information available all the time, so many disasters, almost unlimited sources of stress. My goal was to keep positive, centered, and serene and I found the help I needed in Linda’s class ‘Yoga Therapy for Anxiety’. The peaceful, welcoming environment enabled me to unwind, silence the noise, close my eyes, and learn how to breathe calm back into my being.
— Rhonda

My Story

Linda Alley-Sarnack | Embodying Awareness Yoga Therapy

I began with the very pragmatic goal of learning how to relax my body and calm my mind.


I started practicing yoga in the early ‘90s when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had heard that yogic breath work and the physical postures would support my labor and help me have a non-medicated birth. 

During the first several years of practicing yoga I noticed that the physical postures helped me to maintain fitness and flexibility and also build strength and self-confidence. During this time, I used yoga practice as a way to manage stress and deal with physical discomfort. However, there was something deeper going on that intrigued me. I became more attuned to subtle physical sensations (especially those related to emotional states) and the felt sense of energy flow in my body. 

It made sense to me that I could develop greater body awareness through yoga. 

But how was it possible that posture practice could help me experience greater awareness of emotions and relate better to people in my family, my work, and my life?

As I became more attuned, I also became more interested in exploring the things that were holding me back in life — those habits of relating (to myself and others) that felt stuck and small.

This is when I began exploring the teachings of the Buddha and Insight meditation. 

In the books I read and in my fledgling meditation practice, I noticed that most of the discontent I experienced came not from the outer circumstances of my life but from my reactions and beliefs about what occurred. 

This realization was mind-blowing! I knew I wanted to investigate my mind and explore why I experienced life this way.

I attended my first silent retreat in 2002 and discovered the wild, untamed nature of my mind, and the confusion in my heart in a very direct way.   Since then, I have continued to travel the path of self-discovery, with a courage and steadiness I could not have imagined earlier in life.

Developing wisdom and compassion within my own mind and heart has become my life’s work – one I undertake with enthusiasm and (from time to time) trepidation, and always with a passion for truth and realization.


There is no house
like the house of belonging.
— David Whyte