Yoga Therapy


The benefits of yoga go far beyond structural integrity.

In yoga, instead of taking a pilgrimage to a particular mountain or temple, we take a pilgrimage inside our own bodies.
— Michael Stone

The practice of yoga balances and heals the whole body — including the digestive system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, the immune system, and perhaps most importantly the nervous system.

Yoga Therapy optimizes health at all levels and reduces suffering.

Yoga Therapy is based on the understanding that health and wholeness encompass all dimensions of one's being: physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual. Our bodies, our minds, and our hearts are inextricably interconnected. Yoga Therapy incorporates all the tools of yoga: breath, awareness, movement, education, deep relaxation, and meditation to help you bring balance and healing to all dimensions of your life.

Yoga Therapy blends the ancient and time-tested practices and principles of yoga with insights from modern medicine, neuroscience, and psychology to help you attain optimal health and well-being, no matter what your life circumstances.

Yoga Therapy is about addressing the human condition:

  • We all struggle with pain, injury, and the unavoidable limitations of the body.  Sometimes, our experience is episodic and sometimes it is chronic.
  • We all wrestle with reactive and habitual emotions and the effects they have on us and on our relationships.  
  • We all long for our minds to be clear, calm, wise, and happy.
  • We all want to recognize and change our unhealthy habits and experience the exhilaration of becoming free of them. Mostly, we are not sure how to do this.
  • We all want to feel connected to ourselves, to our families and communities, and to the earth itself.
  • We all want to live lives of meaning and deep purpose. 

In my own personal experience, I have found that the therapeutic yoga process addresses all of these aspects of life in a way that leads to healing and deep connection — with oneself and with others.

Yoga Therapy with Linda Alley Sarnack

How I work with clients


I offer a gentle, therapeutic approach to working with challenges of all kinds.  My aspiration is to help you become a keen observer of your own experience, get to know and trust the wisdom of the body, and learn and practice new ways of being that bring to light unseen and limiting patterns so they can be released and replaced with new ways of being that are liberating, dynamic, and health enhancing.

I support you in bringing transformative change into your life. 

I work collaboratively with you to find the appropriate tools and the best practices for your particular needs and life experience. I provide education, encouragement, and inspiration for your journey to greater well-being, good health, wisdom, and joy. 


One of the things that I greatly appreciate about Linda is that she includes me in the process of discovering what works best for me. With yoga it has always been a challenge to know how much to push myself. My tendency is to push harder than is necessary with painful results. Having rheumatoid arthritis with limited range of motion and joints that can easily become inflamed, it is a delicate balance to work with strengthening and stretching, while at the same time keeping my system calmed down. This is where Linda has been so helpful. Not only has she skillfully adapted movements to meet my needs, she addresses this tendency to push too hard. Her holistic approach has been invaluable to me. It has allowed me to trust working with my body again.
— Terry